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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 15, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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university of aleppo today ready for the first day of exams. what they got instead was two massive explosions. twin blasts rocked the school, killing at least 80 people. rebel forces as the government bombed the campus deliberately. from neighboring turkey, james reynolds reports. >> the university of aleppo was thought to be one of the last safe places in syria of's largest city. but two explosions changed that. these pictures were filmed just after the blasts. the side of this building was blown away. the university was home to both students and ordinary people who had taken refuge from fighting elsewhere in aleppo. the browns are in an area of
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grounds nt control -- brow are in an area under government control, but activists say it was the government to fired. >> this is the signal of the government. >> the government denies this. it says that the explosions were carried out by terrorists. it has been almost two years of fighting in syria. aleppo has been the scene of intense conflicts between the government and rebels. neither have been able to force the other to retreat for good. no corner of the city is safe. james reynolds, bbc news, is double. -- istanbul. >> lance armstrong has already been stripped of his titles and reputation.
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he is sitting down to chat with oprah winfrey. she is not revealing what he said about allegations that he routinely used performance enhancing drugs, but she did say that he did not come clean and perhaps the way she expected. >> lance armstrong sitting down with oprah for the biggest interview of her career and possibly the most difficult of his. the what he said about taking drugs remains unclear, despite widespread reports that he confessed to doping. >> i would say that he did not come clean in a manner that i expected. it was surprising to me. for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerized. >> and when pressed on whether he appeared contrite, oprah urged viewers to make up their own minds. >> i choose not to characterize. i would rather people make their
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own decisions about whether he was contrite or not. i felt that he was awful. i thought that he was serious. i -- i felt that he was thoughtful. i thought that he was serious. he certainly had prepared himself for this moment. >> lance armstrong has consistently and aggressively denied cheating, even under oath. >> a cannot be any clearer than i have never taken drugs. >> a report from the u.s. anti- doping agency led to him being stripped of his seven titles. he issued a statement saying "enough is enough." this is a of as much about money as it is about reputation. jane o'brien, bbc news, washington. >> for more on armstrong's
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interview and the fallout, i spoke with a columnist for usa today. you wrote today that lance armstrong is not sorry he doped. he is sorry he got caught. pretty harsh. >> yes, but i think he deserves it. there is no greater fraud or bigger cheater in the history of sports, in my humble opinion. this ruse, this parade of going on oh road to apologize after more -- sure raid -- charade of going on oprah seems a desperate attempt to get back into the graces of the public. >> we do not know what he said to her yet. he has been banned for life. do you think anything could get that lifted? >> know, there is nothing he could have told her, unless he started to bring documents, checks, all of his calendars,
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and literally started naming of the characters in his world on this path to doping. but he can do to help himself is have a seat on the u.s. anti-doping agency couch, so to speak, which he has refused to do. if he were to give every detail, hours of testimony, new information, and new names, he could potentially reduce his lifetime ban to an eight-year ban. that would take him to his 50th birthday. >> by which time these three old for competitive cycling anyway. >> exactly. -- he is pretty old for competitive cycling anyway. >> you have been very critical of him. he did the doping, but a lot of people colluded with him.
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he is part of a much wider scandal in cycling. >> and that is what the u.s. anti-doping agency and the world anti-doping agency would like to get at. they would like him to confess and to bring in the other names they do not yet have. i think it could be valuable, a terrific story, just to find out the death, to find out how he cheated. -- depth, to find out how he cheated. it is a valid story to have. it is an important conversation about what his role is. but the reality is, at this point, you definitely have to look at him and wonder if you can trust anything he has done. >> thank you so much for coming in. french president francois hollande says military intervention in mali will only end when the country is safe
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from terrorists. the country is attempting to drive out rebels linked to allocate a. -- linked to al-qaeda. >> no boots on the ground from britain, but a small supporting role in what is shaping up to be a major african war. planes arrived this morning carrying french hardware and a handful of french troops. france is busy rushing reinforcements to its former colony in a frantic effort to bolster mali's own army and prevent the country from falling into the hands of islamic militants. we have seen, he says, that the enemy is ready to fight and should not be underestimated. in mali's capital, the french are already being seen as saviors. without them, he says, the
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terrorists would have taken this city. we would be refugees by now. interventiontary here is certainly possible, but things are about to get more complicated. the plan is for neighboring west african countries to take the liberating all of mali. that could be tricky. leaders have gathered to try to speed things up and to work out who is calling the shots. the french will presumably to their own thing. here is how the new alliance is shaping up. france operating from the capital and neighboring chad will contribute 2500 troops and air support. a separate force of 3000 strong is being formed from among mali's neighbors. that will be led by nigeria,
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with cenacle, niger and skinny among those offering -- senegal, niger and guinea offering support. tonight, and verify footage from the front line showing a rebel convoy destroyed by an air strike. elsewhere, the rebels still have the upper hand. here, they force gunman into yet another retreat. it is too soon to tell, but this could be a long war. >> pakistan is no stranger to political turmoil, and today they were reunited after the supreme court ordered the arrest of the prime minister on charges of corruption. from islamabad, we report. >> morning in islamabad. the day began with chaos near parliament.
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police firing in the air, saying they were shot at first by anti- government protesters. they say this is a peaceful revolution, that the government must go. this rally is just one challenge facing pakistan's leaders. this afternoon, there was another. protesters were euphoric when news broke that the prime minister was to be arrested. the celebration has really begun here. the crowd has just heard the news that the supreme court has ordered the arrest of pakistan's prime minister. people believe the timing shows that things are moving their way. they believe it is a victory for them. protesters say this is just the beginning of the change. >> the whole system will be changed. tos is the first step,
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remove the prime minister. >> here is the prime minister of arriving at the supreme court for a previous appointment. the order of his arrest was unexpected, and the timing should be noted. critics claim a religious leader is a front for pakistan's powerful military. speaking from behind closed last today, he said this. >> they are ignoring the lives of the poor people of pakistan. >> his supporters are staying put for now. so too, the riot police. pakistan's government looks besieged and weary. bbc news, is, bob.
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>> still to come, months after we takeoting in newtown, 0 a look at one lawmaker who has taken the lead in trying to prevent future violence. a military train carrying new conscripts crashed in the early hours of tuesday in egypt, leaving 19 people dead and more than 100 injured. our correspondent has visited the accident site and sent this report. >> the train had been used to transport army conscripts from all over southern egypt. it was traveling at high speed when the last two carriages decoupled. one smashed into a freight train. the other flew off the tracks. this is just one of the carriages. the train was packed with new recruits. it is now lying in pieces.
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the dead and wounded are scattered all over this area. over 100 were injured. >> i saw a friend holding onto the door handles, but he slipped down and the carriage was entirely destroyed. i don't know if he is alive or dead. >> egypt has a notoriously bad real safety record. just two months ago, around 50 children were killed when a train smashed into a school bus. after today's accident, the officials from the government blamed the mubarak regime and the corruption that left for rail infrastructure. emergency services were slow to respond. >> what happened is negligence. there were no ambulances or anything in all. we went to the police station, but they told us they could not
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do anything. >> egypt says politicians need to set aside their wrangling and prevent another disaster. [inaudible] [no audio]
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>> as we were driving over, i happened to pick up on social media, not just one person shot, but 20 people dead. >> after a while, the kids were all leaving with their parents. he just started wandering around thinking, where is mine? >> then, confirmation of the worst. >> the police confirmed that 20 children had been shot. the room erupted. i remember i started shaking and could not stop for the life of me. everyone is thinking, which kids?
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it is not mine. there are more than 20 people in this room. it is not mine. >> they gave a status report and it had to be announced that everybody left in the school was dead. >> a month on, a few flowers remain but the sign for sandy hook school is gone. it is far from clear whether the school will never reopen. a lot of people would rather sandy hook be demolished and turned into a memorial. with the town does agree on is that from tragedy should come transformation. for many here, that means gun control. tomorrow, the president who shed tears for sandy hook will call for stricter background checks and a renewed ban on assault rifles. gun sales have soared and the gun lobby has powerful friends
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in congress. >> all of the shootings that have come before have been terrible tragedies, but with very small children being the target, how could it possibly get worse? if they cannot address this now, it is as if they think they will never address it. they will give up, and this will go on. body was found cradled in the arms of a classroom assistant, and agonizing loss and a force for change. >> families are still suffering unimaginably. for more on the steps lawmakers are proposing to tackle gun violence, i spoke with democratic congressman bobby scott. thank you for joining me. when you look at what has happened to gun sales in america since newtown, in your own state of virginia, for example, they have spike. it gives you a sense of what you
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are up against. >> it does. the vice president has received a lot of input from different people around the country. i think he will have some very good recommendations involving gun safety, and assault weapons ban probably, a limit on the number of bullets that can be in a magazine, of background checks and other things for gun safety. he will also hopefully have recommendations for mental health. all of the people involved in this shooting have had what should have been obvious untreated mental health problems. health care reform will go a long way in making sure that mental health care is available to everybody. and then a general crime prevention and peace where you invest in young people to get them on the right track and keep them on the right track.
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>> the conn. -- the new york governor has just signed new laws restricting gun sales. how much to you expect to encounter resistance from the gun lobby? >> there is a difference between restricting and making sure that only the right people have access to these firearms. that is why background checks can be extremely important. virginia has gone backwards. we had a limitation on the number of firearms you goodbye to one gun a month. that was the law for almost 20 years -- could buy two one gun a month. that was the law for 20 years and it was repealed last year. i think background checks for criminal records, making sure mental health records are available, have that in the
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database and deny access to firearms. >> what about broader restrictions? you will be up against the national rifle association, no particular friend of yours. they are not going to be happy with any kind of restrictions on gun sales because they are lobbying for the gun industry and their profits. >> there is a difference between limitations on purchases and limitations on who can purchase. there is beginning to be a consensus that those who are ineligible to by firearms should be restricted. people who have criminal backgrounds are ineligible to buy. there should be a universal record check. right now, there are so many ways to avoid the record check. you do not have any background check of all. you just go pay your money and get your firearm. >> thank you for joining us from capitol hill.
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those plans being unveiled tomorrow by the president. you may never have heard of graphemes, but it has the potential to change your life. it is billed as the world's thinnest and strongest material, and the global race is on to get it, i use it and sell it. >> a science fair in manchester and excitement about the revolutionary material graph scene. manchester has pioneered asearch into gradsteiphine, material so thin, it has just a single layer of atoms and many potential uses. >> you can take it and throwing out the window and it will not/. >> it is strange. >> it is contained in the tiny black flecks on this tape.
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it has been called a wonder material because it is destined to be incredibly useful. let's use virtual reality to get a closer look at this stuff, because it has extraordinary properties. if you scratch it, it turns out to be stronger than steel or even diamonds down at the same scale, useful for making all kinds of things more robust. it conducts electricity better than copper, vital for future electronics. you could have a computer screen that you could fold up like paper. no wonder people are talking of graphine as a material that could revolutionize the way we make things. this promotional video from samsung shows one view of the kind of gadgets but could emerge. paper thin, flexible, three- dimensional. there is a huge potential,
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according to the scientist who started the research. >> take any big-name, ibm, samsung, intel, all those companies are very excited about what can be done with this material, what this can be used for. >> graphine is seen as so valuable, it is now part of the global contest. there is a race to export it. britain was first to investigate this strange new substance, but it is not clear who will get the most out of it. quakes graphine, remember that name and remember that you heard it here first. that brings us to oppose. you can get updates all day on our website. from all of us here at world news america, thank you for
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